Tsavoagency.com Christian Neeser beware of this company

Not resolved

tsavoagency.com is an internet based company that said they help companies get their web sites a higher ranking in the search engines. They did nothing for our site but charged us plenty to do it.

The latest is that they charged our credit card for another annual fee without asking permission to do so. When we blocked the charges they said they did not have the proper info (after all this time) to be able to do what was needed to make our site more visible. We gave tsavoagency access to the site to make changes and now find that it still can not be found unless you put the exact web address into the search. So nothing new was done to help the cause.

We refused to pay the charges since their work was not at all up to standards.

Now they want to take us to court for the fees. We will see where this all goes but in the mean time, Tsavo agency beware of this company.

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